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Homemade Taco Seasoning (Healthier & Tastier!)

Here is a recipe for homemade taco seasoning to use .


Teachers: FREE Colgate Kit for Your Classroom (Includes Colgate Samples, Posters, and More!)

Arby’s: FREE Jamocha Shake 7/23

I love these shakes

New $1/2 Betty Super Moist Cake Mix or Ready to Spread Frosting Coupon

Cooking for the family ??

Do you need extra time for your family? Does it take too long to cook your family meal? Have you heard of Country Gourmet Home?  I sell Country Gourmet Home mixes. They are homemade mixes that require very little time requiring only water or only a couple ingredients.  The dips require the mix and sour cream or make it into a cheeseball with cream cheese.   Check out the website at  Feel free to place and order and try something new. There is something on sale each that is called the deal of the day. Or like my facebook page that is Mixing with Gail that way you can see the deal of the day. 

High Value $1.50/2 Coffee-Mate Creamer Coupon (Share on Facebook) = Only $1.04 Each at Target

Coupon Class in the future

I am planning a couponing class for the future.  Most likely early November. A friend had asked when my next one would be and that she wanted to come.   So I posted on Facebook and so far it looks like I have 4 people so far coming. I love to help people save money.  I am thinking about some new ideas for the class.